Aizu Matsuri Festival

The Aizu Festival is one of the largest fall events in the Aizu Area. The main feature of the festival is the Aizu Hanko Gyoretsu, a procession of Aizu Domain Lords.
Headed by flag bearers holding the flags of the successive feudal lords of the Aizu Domain, the procession is attended by participants representing well-known feudal lords such as Lord Uesugi, Lord Hoshina, and Lord Matsudaira and by a rank of people wearing garments and carrying tools associated with each of these lords.
Each year, some 500 people parade through downtown Aizu in an event that magnificently recreates the world of samurai. Before the procession starts off, there is a kick-off ceremony at Tsurugajo Castle. Visitors can enjoy watching the sword dancing of the Byakkotai warriors and sword fight performances given by professional actors, with the castle keep of Tsurugajo in the background.

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