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Realtime Roughness Calculation and Profiling

A software tool capable of determining auditory roughness in real-time is presented. This applica- tion, based on Pure-Data (Pd), calculates the roughness of audio streams using a spectral method originally proposed by Vassilakis. The processing speed is adequate for many realtime applications, and results indicate limited but significant agreement with an internet application of the chosen model. Finally, the usage of this tool is illustrated by the computation of a roughness profile of a musical composition that can be compared to its perceived patterns of ‘tension’ and ‘relaxation.’

Roughometer source code and binaries for MacOS (current version)

Source code and Mac OS 10.11.1 binaries (old)

If you use this software, please cite:

J. Villegas and M. Cohen. “Roughometer”: Realtime Roughness Calculation and Profiling. In Proc. 125 Audio Eng. Soc. Conv., San Francisco, October 2008.