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ElectroGlottoGraphy Needs Optional Guidance (a.k.a. ElectroGlottoGraphy Not Obligatory Guidance)

This function reads EGG recordings from a directory and returns a file that can be imported in R for further analysis.

The directory must contain stereo recordings with audio in a channel, and EGG in the other. It must also have a Textgrid with labels on the regions of interest.




v 0.6 (Sep. 9, 2019):
– Added a switch to generate a postmortem report with the current Eggnog specifications.
– Added a switch to automatically estimate F0 from the acoustic recording
– Added a way to repair the encoding of the TextGrid (in MacOs only)
– Continues with the next file when finding an error in the OQ computation, saving the failing file in a “excluded” directory.
– Changes in the output file: it now contains the times of beginning and end of the segment (needed to exclude tokens)
– Minor improvements to figures
– Added a directory with exemplar recordings of creaky, modal, and breathy phonation (EGG and acoustic).

v 0.5.1 (Jan. 16, 2019):
– Added a switch to include the filename as a column in the results.

v 0.5 (Jan. 15, 2019):
– Added a ‘_’ before the filename if the results of the analysis were strange (e.g., negative frequencies, or OQ greater than 1 or less than 0). It’s up to the researcher to decide what to do with those cases.
– Added a warning note when the periods were non-causal in the computation of OQ
– Minor improvements to the figures.

v 0.4 (Nov. 2, 2018):
– Added a switch to plot dEGG
– Now you can specify a tier number or a tier name (solve the problem of slightly different names between files)
– Added support for parallel computing (In case you have it, this version should be much more faster than before).


• Directory where the EGG recordings are (srcDir)
• Directory where you want to put plots and traces (dstDir)


• Put together from Matlab scripts provided by:

• mview (Mark Tiede, tiede@haskins.yale.edu)
• Covarep (Gilles Degottex, degottex@csd.uoc.gr)

How to cite Eggnog

J. Villegas, “Eggnog: ElectroGlottoGraphy Not Obligatory Guidance,” 2019. Available from http://onkyo.u-aizu.ac.jp/software/eggnog/